30 May

There has been barely any news or rumours about the sony NGP but rumours have come out that it will be possibly called “PS VITA”. But how did this come across? you ask well let me dip into my bag of wisdom and tell you…(AKWARD SILENCE) 3 REASONS:

Number one: there are two new domains taken out for and,

Number two:  This blog stated that the NGP would be called vita,

Number three: this website Ripten apparently has a source stating similar things, but these are all rumours so we wont know until E3 which by the way is only SEVEN DAYS AWAY!!!


New Club Nintendo Japan items look AMAZING!

28 May

Club Nintendo of Japan has released a new set of items to make us Australian fans more depressed. These irresistible items are sure to tempt you so lets take a little look…

First up we have the official soundtrack of Nintendo’s “Donkey Kong country returns” featuring 25 songs you can pick it up for just 400 points and if you already own the game then its just 250.

Next up we have something for the Kirby fans, Kirby snap pouches. Adorable little purse type things to hold your coins, movie tickets, mushrooms…There are two colours to choose from, epic orange or yarn green. All for a mere 150 points.

Just to ruin all of this for you, its only available for Japanese customers (I feel like bleeding).

Sonic generations for 3DS, Nintendo’s E3 website

25 May

2 things for you people…number ONE: it’s looking almost certain that sonic generations will be released for 3DS. Sega has already semi-announced it themselves and now in the next cover for Nintendo power it features sonic generations for 3DS. Sega however havent officially announced it but its 99.99999% confirmed.

^^^above the cover for the next Nintendo power magazine^^^

NUMBER TWO of our news, is not as huge but still exiting, Nintendo has released a E3 website where you can watch Nintendo’s E3 presentation which you can see by visiting One note though it will be up and running June 7 to coincide with E3 of course aaaaand… PROJECT CAFE WILL BE ANNOUNCED!! (squealing excitedly). Below is a bonus video of Sonic generations.

RUMOUR: Project Cafe spotted

24 May

With the announcement of Nintendos next console around the corner there has been a lot of “leaks” of the project cafe. The video that made its way on YouTube (the one with no sound) has been proven false, but there is a new picture leaked on the internet.

^^It seems to look like something that I believe Nintendo would release, and its surprising to see that basically all of the “leaked” videos and pictures have this same looking console. So I wont be surprised if this is what I’ll be rushing to the stores getting.

Wii 2 announcement June 7,

23 May

I have read kajillions of stories about the wii 2 and its rumours so I will cut it down and tell you what you want to know. Firstly the wii 2 has been announced that it will be announced (so far the date being June 7). It has been given the name “project cafe” as a codename so if you see people calling it that you know why. there are a few names hovering around, the most popular being stream and breeze (and a few wii HD’s in there too) I have no idea where breeze came from but stream is because of the controller which I will tell you about in a moment…

The controller is a huge part of the console and I think that there has been more rumours about the controller than the console. One huge thing about the controller will be a supposed 6 inch hd touchscreen as part of the controller, they will still include buttons as thy are still more responsive and easier to use. I also have a weird feeling that the screen on the controller instead of being touchscreen may even be 3D. This is where the stream name comes in, apparently the controller will “steam” information from the console and may even be like a handheld in itself. New reports are saying that it will also have a camera inbuilt which means that there is going to be much more possibility.

^above, IGN’s representation of the controller^

^above, IGN’s other representation of the controller^

The console itself is said to be comparable to the xbox 360 and PS3, HD and a super powerful processor is said to make Nintendos next big console a hardcore aswell as casual console (hardcore :COD casual: mariokart) this means a whole new generation of games. its even been said that Nintendo is having talks with rockstar to make a new game for their next console. Ubisoft has seen the console and has said that its amazing.

the link below is a so-called leaked video of the new console, whether its true or not is for you to decide, to me it just doesn’t seem to real. Lacking that Nintendo feel but then again I could be mistaken (and for some reason there isnt any sound so thats meant to be like that)

8-bit lego art,

22 May

last night I was up sooooo late, my back hurt and thats not to mention that I looked like a starved racoon pawing through garbage. But it was all worth it for the beautiful lego 8-bit art I made. and its soooo easy. All you need is lego and a picture of an 8bit picture. I used someone elses already made coin as a guide. If you want you can use mine as a guide…




my first post, YAY ME!

22 May

Its taken me way to long to think about what my first post should be about, I wanted it to be different and unique but…no Im not that talented. Sooo… I decided that I’ll just tell you what my blog is about (well, will be about anyways). My name is Zachary Davies, or Zac for short and I am a huge HUGE Nintendo, Pokemon, retro gaming, IKEA, Japan obsessed nerd. In my spare time I am constantly seeing what the latest news in the gaming world is, sewing retro gaming thingys, playing games of course or just constantly on my computer.