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Nintendo Network @ E3 2011 – Introducing Wii U

11 Jun

Nintendo Network @ E3 2011 – Introducing Wii U.



6 Jun

HEEEEYYY PARTY PEOPLE…..I have no idea what this was meant to be BUT! im waiting for E3 to begin in terms of online junk. IFFFFFF you live in AUSTRALIA then it starts around 12:30 with MICROSOFT XBOX then at 8:00 sony playstation shall take the stage (no capitols for you sony) then tomorrow we have Nintendo gracing us with their new console. Until then Im waiting with nothing to do because MY GOD DAMM PACKAGE ISNT HERE STILL!!!!


4 Jun

Before I start going on lets do some math…ME+MONEY=LOTS OF STUFF I DONT NEED BUT NO MONEY!! after 4 weeks of saving I had a handsome $200, I now have $4. I’m a good saver but I cant help myself. I bought…lego star wars III, pokemon and mario phone charms things, a designer porcalen bunny, some giant letters to spell my name, some designer stationary, and some other stuff I cant even remember. As soon as I enter a shopping center with some money its all a big blur of running and lolly eating and huge money loss. I really want to get a fish which I could of but with what money? I feel depressed aaaaanndddddd MY FLIPPING PACKAGE ISNT HERE!!!! WHY???????

where is my package?

3 Jun

I don’t know what I was meant to put in this post but MY PACKAGE IS STILL NOT HERE!! and I’m not happy, sooo…..


1 Jun

Yo peeps (how sad for me) are you having an exiting day? IM NOT! I am so so so so so bored right now. I’m meant to be doing my Japanese and sewing assignment but I cant because they make me feel like dying right now.I’m waiting on a package anddd a letter from Nintendo PLUS I ordered lego star wars III from the internet like 2 days ago but Its still not here. I saw a delivery man come and I almost cried in joy but then felt like vomiting when it was for next door (my dog gave me a funny look). so right now I have no idea what to do, normally I would play Wii but none of my 50 games interest me. Plus I’m craving some lego, which I would get but its raining outside which is the only thing keeping me from ripping my hair out. Have fun with your plans I WONT BE!!!

my first post, YAY ME!

22 May

Its taken me way to long to think about what my first post should be about, I wanted it to be different and unique but…no Im not that talented. Sooo… I decided that I’ll just tell you what my blog is about (well, will be about anyways). My name is Zachary Davies, or Zac for short and I am a huge HUGE Nintendo, Pokemon, retro gaming, IKEA, Japan obsessed nerd. In my spare time I am constantly seeing what the latest news in the gaming world is, sewing retro gaming thingys, playing games of course or just constantly on my computer.