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6 Jun

HEEEEYYY PARTY PEOPLE…..I have no idea what this was meant to be BUT! im waiting for E3 to begin in terms of online junk. IFFFFFF you live in AUSTRALIA then it starts around 12:30 with MICROSOFT XBOX then at 8:00 sony playstation shall take the stage (no capitols for you sony) then tomorrow we have Nintendo gracing us with their new console. Until then Im waiting with nothing to do because MY GOD DAMM PACKAGE ISNT HERE STILL!!!!


Sonic generations for 3DS, Nintendo’s E3 website

25 May

2 things for you people…number ONE: it’s looking almost certain that sonic generations will be released for 3DS. Sega has already semi-announced it themselves and now in the next cover for Nintendo power it features sonic generations for 3DS. Sega however havent officially announced it but its 99.99999% confirmed.

^^^above the cover for the next Nintendo power magazine^^^

NUMBER TWO of our news, is not as huge but still exiting, Nintendo has released a E3 website where you can watch Nintendo’s E3 presentation which you can see by visiting One note though it will be up and running June 7 to coincide with E3 of course aaaaand… PROJECT CAFE WILL BE ANNOUNCED!! (squealing excitedly). Below is a bonus video of Sonic generations.