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6 Jun

HEEEEYYY PARTY PEOPLE…..I have no idea what this was meant to be BUT! im waiting for E3 to begin in terms of online junk. IFFFFFF you live in AUSTRALIA then it starts around 12:30 with MICROSOFT XBOX then at 8:00 sony playstation shall take the stage (no capitols for you sony) then tomorrow we have Nintendo gracing us with their new console. Until then Im waiting with nothing to do because MY GOD DAMM PACKAGE ISNT HERE STILL!!!!


What to expect from E3 tommorrow

5 Jun

Well here we are only a day away from E3 AND MY PACKAGE STILL ISNT HERE!!! any-hoo I thought I would give you people a small preview of what to expect and what to look forward to.



First up we have Nintendo, with the recent release of its 3DS, buzz around a new console and new installments to its Zelda and Mario franchises all eyes are right on Nintendo for whats said to be their biggest E3 yet. But what do they have to win back their hardcore gamers? if even possible and what do they have to keep their casual fanboys? well lets take a look…



ZELDA TURNS 25 – Without a doubt Nintendo’s biggest game of the year is skyward sword. The next game in the hugely acclaimed Zelda franchise, skyward sword will rely on wii motion plus for combat and use of items. Hopefully we will get a release date, and maybe a suprise as there is talk of the new game being on project cafe.



NINTENDO’S NEXT CONSOLE – I cant even be bothered getting into this, if you would like to know any information on their next console then click on the project cafe link to your right.



3DS AFTER LAUNCH – After the underexiting launch of the 3DS Nintendo will be franticly trying to make the system more exiting, hopefully a library of good games and updates will be there to match. With the possible announcment of the NGP Nintendo needs to hurry if they dont want people throwing the poor 3DS away with their old virtual boy.



I was going to do this 3 times over for sony and microsoft but I am WAAAYYY too tired and this was so exausting…I know I’m really unfit when it comes to everything. I’m gonna go lie down for a while, some family guy and american dad is in order to make me feel better again. AND BY THE WAY MY PACKAGE ISNT HERE AND IT WONT BE TODAY BECAUSE ITS SUNDAY!!!


30 May

There has been barely any news or rumours about the sony NGP but rumours have come out that it will be possibly called “PS VITA”. But how did this come across? you ask well let me dip into my bag of wisdom and tell you…(AKWARD SILENCE) 3 REASONS:

Number one: there are two new domains taken out for and,

Number two:  This blog stated that the NGP would be called vita,

Number three: this website Ripten apparently has a source stating similar things, but these are all rumours so we wont know until E3 which by the way is only SEVEN DAYS AWAY!!!

Sonic generations for 3DS, Nintendo’s E3 website

25 May

2 things for you people…number ONE: it’s looking almost certain that sonic generations will be released for 3DS. Sega has already semi-announced it themselves and now in the next cover for Nintendo power it features sonic generations for 3DS. Sega however havent officially announced it but its 99.99999% confirmed.

^^^above the cover for the next Nintendo power magazine^^^

NUMBER TWO of our news, is not as huge but still exiting, Nintendo has released a E3 website where you can watch Nintendo’s E3 presentation which you can see by visiting One note though it will be up and running June 7 to coincide with E3 of course aaaaand… PROJECT CAFE WILL BE ANNOUNCED!! (squealing excitedly). Below is a bonus video of Sonic generations.