1 Jun

Yo peeps (how sad for me) are you having an exiting day? IM NOT! I am so so so so so bored right now. I’m meant to be doing my Japanese and sewing assignment but I cant because they make me feel like dying right now.I’m waiting on a package anddd a letter from Nintendo PLUS I ordered lego star wars III from the internet like 2 days ago but Its still not here. I saw a delivery man come and I almost cried in joy but then felt like vomiting when it was for next door (my dog gave me a funny look). so right now I have no idea what to do, normally I would play Wii but none of my 50 games interest me. Plus I’m craving some lego, which I would get but its raining outside which is the only thing keeping me from ripping my hair out. Have fun with your plans I WONT BE!!!


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